Online Sherry wine course


    Online Sherry wine course

SherryMaster Online

95,00  €

This online course has been specially designed for those who would like to take their first steps into the fascinating world of Sherry, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. You will be able to attend pre-recorded video lessons given by Winemaker Antonio Flores at your own pace the convenience. With your own devices learn the basic features of this thousand-year-old winemaking tradition, gaining the maximum enjoyment from your favourite wines

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Who is the course aimed at?



Aficionados and sherry lovers of sherry wines who want to broaden their knowledge. 


Front of house managers and sommeliers

Professionals wanting to gain a stronger sales pitch for sherry.


Wine and Hospitality Students

Future professionals wanting to start their career with a further knowledge of sherry broader and better-informed perspective.

The Tío Pepe guarantee: become one of the world’s greatest sherry expert

One of the most common problems when it comes to consuming, buying or selling sherry wines is their complexity, which lies in the wide variety of and wealth of subtle differences between the various wines. This course, run by Bodegas Tío Pepe, will make you a connoisseur of sherry wines.

Immediate Access

Access the entire content of the course, right from the start, and complete it as and when you wish. 



Certificate signed by Antonio Flores, González Byass’ Winemaker and Master Blender once the course has been completed.

Course content


The course consists of more than 20 lessons, each comprising a five-minute explanatory video and a downloadable PDF covering the technicalities.

A pack containing 5cl samples of 6 sherries – Tío Pepe, Viña AB, Alfonso, Leonor, Solera 1847 and Néctar – which will be delivered to your home.

You will take part in a streamed “Introduction to sherry” tasting led by Antonio Flores. 

Full programme

  • Video: Welcome to SherryMaster Online
  • Vídeo 1: The Vineyard
  1. The Palomino, Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel grapes
  2. Vine rootstocks
  3. Phylloxera
  • Vídeo 2: The Land
  1. The Marco de Jerez
  2. Location and climate
  3. Soil, plants and climate, the perfect trilogy
  • Vídeo 3: The Vine’s Growth Cycle
  1. Budburst, Leaf Growth, Flowering, Véraison and the Harvest.
  2. Technical Work, Manual Work
  • Vídeo 4: Vineyard tasks
  1. Technical tasks: Aserpia (creating earthworks typical of the Marco de Jerez that are designed to help retain water) and Escorrentía (run-off).
  2. Manual Tasks: Pruning.
  3. The Harvest
  • Vídeo 5: Looking After the Vine
  1. Diseases: Oidium and Mildew
  2. Pests: Lobesia Botrana, Green Mosquitos, Spiders
  3. Integrated production: Sustainability
  • Video 6: Vinification
  1. What happens when the grapes arrive at the winery
  2. The de-stemming machine
  3. Pressing the grapes and the two types of must obtained: escurrido (released must) and that referred to as primera yema
  4. Clarification (known as desfangado) -the Static Process used at González Byass
  5. Other fining processes
  6. Fermentation
  • Video 7: Classifying the must
  1. The Deslío
  2. Biological Ageing: Provenance and qualities of future Tio Pepe
  3. Oxidative Ageing: Provenance and qualities of future Oloroso
  • Vídeo 8: Fortifying the wine
  1. Biological Ageing: Growing the Flor
  2. Oxidative Ageing: The reaction between sherry and oxygen.
  • Video 9: Vinifying Pedro Ximénez
  1. Pedro Ximénez vineyards
  2. The Soleo (or ‘sunning’, i.e. drying the grapes in the sun)
  3. Presses (Horizontal Pneumatic Press / Vertical Hydraulic Press)
  4. Fermentation of the Must ���Glycemic Stress
  5. Ageing
  • Video 10: Ageing
  1. Biological Ageing
  2. Oxidative Ageing
  • Video 11: The Criadera and Solera system
  1. Setting up
  2. Composition
  3. The Rocío
  • Video 12: Vinos de Cabeceo (Blended Wines)
  1. Origin
  2. Types: Medium, Cream, Pale Cream
  • Video 13: En Rama (unfined or barely fined) wines
  1. What makes En Rama wines different
  2. Characteristics

o Visual

o Flavours and aromas

  • Vídeo 14: The winery
  1. The architecture of the winery:
    o Dimensions (arches, picture windows, pillars, walls…)
    o The Criadera and Solera system revolution
    o Location
    o Temperature and humidity
  • Video 15: The Butt
  1. Wood: New and envinado (Seasoned with Wine)
  2. Oak and where it comes from
  3. The ageing vessel: The Butt
    o Capacity
    o Durability
    o The Sherry Cask
  • Vídeo 16: Mixology and the Sherry Cobbler
  1. Mixology
  2. The Sherry Cobbler
  • Video 17: Mixology and the Bamboo 
  1. The history of the Bamboo
  2. How to make it
  • Video 18: Mixology – The Adonis
  1. The history of the Adonis
  2. How to make it
  • Video 19: Mixolgy – The Sour
  1. A variation on the Sour
  2. How to make it
  • Video 20: Mixology – The Whisky Sour
  1. The Whisky Sour
  2. How to make it
  • Video 21: Sherry in restaurants
  1. Glasses:
    o Open and Wide
    o Traditional
    o Traditional wine
  2. The temperature of the wine
  3. Wines to serve with food
  • Video 22: How to sell your first sherry
  1. How to talk about sherry
  2. Sweet, Cream – Start with something easy
  3. Fino, Amontillado, Palo Cortado – How to move on to something more complex
  • Tasting: Introduction to sherry wines

Six of the most outstanding types of sherry wine:

  • Fino, Tío Pepe
  • Oloroso, Viña AB
  • Amontillado, Alfonso
  • Palo cortado, Leonor
  • Cream, Solera 1847
  • Pedro Ximénez, Néctar


All persons of legal age, 18 years of age or older.

The videos are recorded in Spanish and subtitled in English.

Whenever you like! You register today and take the course at your own pace.  

Access to the course is unlimited. 

Yes, but you need to bear in mind that the course license is personal and cannot be shared with other users. If the system detects that the account is being shared, it may block it. 

The course takes approximately 2 to 4 hours, the time it takes for you to watch the videos and complete the online tasting.  

Yes, the course is endorsed by González Byass. Once you have completed all the lessons, you will receive your certificate, signed by Antonio Flores, González Byass’ Winemaker and Master Blender. 

No, for reasons relating to copyright you will not be able to download them, but you will be able to watch them on a computer, tablet or mobile phone that has an internet connection as they are on Vimeo. 

They will arrive at your home, no later than 5 days after you have paid for the course.  

There is one tasting each month. If you are unable to take part on the date you have been allocated, you can take part live the following month or whenever you like. 

Still have questions?

Write to us at info@sherrymaster.com and we will help you with anything you may need. 

SherryMaster Online

95,00  €